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about us

PRISMANOVA is a Colombian company founded in the year 1992, with extensive experience and leadership in the implementation of innovative technical solutions for the graphic, pulp and paper, packaging, sugar, hydrocarbons, and biofuels industries, among others.

History of PrismaNova:

PrismaQuĆ­mica was founded in 1992 as a distributor of chemicals for the multinational Sandoz for the south-west region of Colombia. From its beginnings it has been open to innovation and in 1993, they identified the opportunity to represent machinery companies for the paper industry. This is how the comercial relationship with Kadant Lamort and Poseidon begins in Colombia.

Throughout its history, PrismaQuĆ­mica has evolved together with their representatives, committing to offer new technologies and cutting-edge equipment to their customers in Latin America. This commitment has resulted in a steady growth of their representation, not only in the paper industry, but also in the nonwoven, corrugated, food, sugar, animal nutrition, alcohol, among others industries, and in expanding to other countries such as Ecuador and Peru.

In 2023, the company made the strategic decision to revitalize their business image, adopting a new name and logo that reflects the values and standards they offer today. This is how PrismaNova was born, a brand that symbolizes innovation, excellence and continuous commitment to their customers. With this transformation, PrismaNova is positioned as a benchmark in the business landscape, reaffirming their commitment to technological development and quality service in the region.


Team information:

PrismaNova has the following departments to meet each requirement:

  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • Logistics


Calle 11 100-121 Of. 901
Edificio Campestre Towers
Cali, Colombia 760032
Tel: (+57) 2 3153313


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